Anita Giancola

I work in diverse media such as acrylic or house paint on canvas and on plexi glass, digital art and graphics that are printed onto skateboards and/or longboards, video shorts, which read like poems. All of these media intermingle. For example, I will create a video and then pull stills from the video to create a skateboard graphic which I then reinvent as a painting on canvas. They all relate to one another and carry similar statements. All being, a statement of relationships. A video game graphic, a candy wrapper in a classic movie, or a fast car cruising on a slow street... all of these spark my work and lead to my process which is to reduce, exaggerate, and rearrange the object, the memory, or the motion until what remains is a bold minimal statement. A statement of the raw, emotional content and mystery of human relationships.

- Oct. 11 - Oct 26, 2019 Serpa Gallery Newmarket, Canada
- June 21 - end of July 2019 918 Bathurst, Toronto, Canada
- June 2019 Super Wonder Gallery Toronto, Canada
- June 5 - Aug 18, 2018 Carrier Gallery Toronto, Canada
- June 2018 Super Wonder Gallery Toronto, Canada
- May - June 2018 Serpa Gallery Newmarket, Canada
- 2003 Go Figure Carrier Gallery Toronto, Canada
- 2000 1-900-girls Level 5 Yoga Studio Toronto, Canada
- 1999 Entrance Artscape Toronto, Canada
- 1999 The Hummingbird Center Toronto, Canada
- 1998 The Hummingbird Center Toronto, Canada
- 1998 The Candy Factory Toronto, Canada
- 1998 John Steinberg & Associates Toronto, Canada
- 1997 The On-Looker People Indigo Café, Toronto, Canada