Fanny Rice


Quebec artist Fanny Rice. @fannyriceart has forged her own particular style through a lot of experimenting on mixed media and abstract mediums. Her works are flowing with living colour and one can relate to each of her pieces whether it be through a visual memory or mental and emotional interpretation. Travel is an extremely important influence on Rice's work and definitely her life and the audience can truly see this in her painting. Each piece gives off a surreal or kind of exaggerated landscape. It's an aerial view of a coast line, a topographical map, or distant natures-cape exploding with colour. She has mastered and created her formula for art resign and acrylic. And we love its "fluid textured movement". It's easily recognizable. Rice's work has developed over time too. Starting off early in her career with darker shades and tones then developing and definitely blooming into these gorgeous / attractive collections of colour in more recent pieces.


Past Exhibitions:

BOCA RATON - March 2020 - Common Exposition Art Boca Raton - UPCOMING
CHAMBLY - January to April 2020 - Common Exposition at Pôle culturel de Chambly - UPCOMING
PALM SPRINGS - February 2019 - Common Exposition Conv. Art Palm Springs
PALM BEACH - January 2019 - Common Exposition at Art Palm Beach Fair
MONTRÉAL - June 2017 - Purity & Chaos Solo Exposition
MONTRÉAL - May 2017 - Solo Exposition at Keca International
MIAMI - December 2016 - Solo Exposition at Keca Internationnal
MIAMI - July 2016 - Exposition Art Basel at Art Fusion Galleries
MONTRÉAL - July 2016 - Solo Exposition at Club MAA
SAINT-BARTHÉLEMY - July 2016 - Exposition Les Petits Carreaux Gallery
MONTRÉAL - June 2016 - Blue Ocean Solo Exposition
MIAMI - June 2016 - Common Exposition at Art Fusion Galleries
BROSSARD - April 2016 - Expositon/Partnership Germain Larivière Store
LAVAL - October 2016 - Exposition/Partnership Mariette Clermont Store
LAVAL - September 2016 - Interview at MaTv about philanthropy
QUÉBEC - April 2016 - Interview at Trucs et cie
MONTRÉAL - October 2015 - Dröm Common Exposition at Golf Le Mirage
LAVAL - June 2014 - Permanent Exposition at Holiday Inn Hotel