Artist HEVYN. @h_evyn is an amazingly talented Chicago creator. She has sparked a collection titled #colorfulsongs. Not only are these works technically impressive but there is so much hidden in the work as well. HEVYN assigns a playlist of songs, by the featured subject, to the work. And within the painting you can find quotes, lyrics, and inspiration tying featured artists from those songs, quotes, and inspiration. For example in this piece AK-47's, PIMP, the bullet, i, u, and the DNA neck tattoo are all references to @kendricklamar 's music. There's so much more inside these pieces and the music associated with them.

“Music plays an essential role in Hevyn’s everyday life. Music allows people to attach moments of their lives to songs that resonate with them. He collection uses music as a muse to identify thoughts that correlate with songs and convert them into oil painting. Each painting includes a track-list to pinpoint song and thought associated with it. The ideas are then visually represented and organized throughout the painting.