Broken Cage Gallery has partnered with “O.P.C.” to host a live art auction through our website and gallery to spark funding for the program.

O.P.C. aims to create a pilot program to bring mindfulness practices to schools in the Toronto school board, and we need your help to raise money to fund the pilot in three schools (covering kindergarten to grade 12).

Operation Prefrontal Cortex is an initiative harnessing the power of mindfulness and mediation to help reduce the incidents of gun and mass violence in Toronto.

After his own experience as a victim of public gun violence, Director X embarked on a journey to understand why someone would shoot a target in a public environment, running the risk of endangering themselves and others.

Local artists throughout the city have donated their amazing work to help raise money for this great cause. See them bellow.

A percentage of each piece sold goes directly to help fund the O.P.C. program initiatives.