SHOK-1. @shok_1 has created and mastered his X-Ray style of street art and has it on display across the globe. His process involves actual x-Ray practices and then blowing them up on a massive scale outdoors and in the studio. He opens our eyes to a wild new perspective on subjects we see several times in our everyday life.

These works are a moving combination of "street and science" as Shok-1 puts it. This art is emotional but simple, dark but uplifting subject matter, and normal but educational!

The goal is "to champion rationalism in an era where anti-intellectualism is on the rise, scientists are silenced and experts denounced in favour of the layman's opinion!" Shok-1 not only tackles incredibly hard visuals but does so with free hand and no help of stencils! He's a talented artists who's skill shines through these works of depth, darkness and eye grasping highlights!