Fine Fan Art

"(1971, Owen Sound, Canada) I am an emerging realistic painter introducing a completely unique style called ‘Pixelism’ (I made that up) that creates luminous large scale acrylic paintings that are truly compelling. The style itself gives the traditionally painted pieces a digitally reproduced look that when viewed from distance are often mistaken for photographs but upon closer inspection, reveal an incredible amount of painted detail and texture. I explore beauty while inviting the spectator into a somewhat private environment, the viewer is captivated by the unseen, unspoken inner life of the subjects portrayed. I am fully aware that I am a man who paints pinup-like images of women in this current political climate in the era of #metoo. I don’t feel like my art is not objectifying women, instead, it glorifies the strength in femininity, even in a moment of vulnerability and at the same time treating the viewer to a much-needed, momentary vacation from the influences of the social and political world. My influences are everything I see, feel, and experience, but I’ve always loved comic books and fashion photography. I think my subject matter comes from photography and my colour choices are reminiscent of 80’s comic art mixed with the sun-drenched, time-faded photos from the 70’s and 80’s.
I have recently added a series of nostalgic comic art paintings to my offerings. An homage to the comic book cover corner boxes of yesteryear. This is a line-for-line painted replica of iconic (and not so iconic) images from the comic of the past. These paintings maybe just a change from the fine art figures or they may become a permanent fixture in my portfolio. I call it Fine Fan Art! I work and live out of Toronto, Canada"