Nashid Chroma - T . K . o . P (M Jackson)

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60" x 48"

LTD high-resolution digital painting on stretched canvas

1/1 Printed at this size


The King of Pop himself. Michael is one of my most requested paintings, and I can proudly say that I finally felt ready to make this piece live up to my expectations.

Sunflowers were his favorite flower so I used some vintage sunflower illustrations as a reference to allude to his reign on music in the 80s.

The most challenging part about this painting was the metal details on his coat cause I wanted to treat each one like its own abstract painting. It was really demanding, but think it was well worth the 16 total painting hours!

My favorite part about this is the abstraction of the shadow from his hair on his face. It ended up feeling like a stained glass mosaic, and this sort of imagery felt right in portraying Michael's regality.

Finally, the background is a composite of an ethereal cloudy sky and the lights after this specific performance. I thought it was visually interesting, and also celebrated his memory on and off stage.

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