Nashid Chroma - M X N T E R O (Lil Nas X)

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60" x 48"

LTD high-resolution digital painting on stretched canvas

1/1 Printed at this size


 I wanted to emphasize that in this piece by adorning him with gold flowers inspired by his MET Gala look.

I also had a feeling that butterflies would fit this concept, but I wanted to keep the embellished look so I tried to find pretty metal butterflies with no luck. Serendipitously, the moment I had given up on finding a good reference, Lil Nas shared his interview with Monique Heart where he unveiled his new bedazzled butterfly chain! And he spoke about how important it was as a metaphor for his time during lockdown, which was gratifying for my intuition!

I feel really proud of how I was able to materialize my concept here. It ended up taking almost 15 hours to render everything

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