Dave Krovblit- TV Head Circus Land

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36" x 36"

Digital manipulation and cut and paste analog collage on wood panel.

This surreal fantasy piece is a fun combination of two original Krovblit collages: TV Head and Circus World - Adam & Eve. Krovblit's love for retro imagery, pop culture, and vintage botanicals celebrate nostalgia and Mother Nature set against a "future 80s backdrop". TV head adorns an elegant pin-up style lady who is simultaneously savouring a cone and a cigarette, while Adam from Circus World flexes in her direction. This piece shows everything that has happened since they took a bite of the apple - the real world of consequences and consumption. 
"I wanted to post this image to stand in solidarity with
Black Lives Matter and all that is going on right now 
across the world. For me, this piece has a deeper meaning
and I wanted to share a few thoughts. As some of us know,
for far too long the media has been guilty of not including 
people of color on an even scale. I came to this realization 
when a collector of mine asked me why my work doesn’t 
represent any ethnicities. At first, I was taken aback. Was it 
possible?  I  kept thinking why don’t I have any black or any 
other ethnicities in my art. Well, the answer is actually pretty 
simple. For the better part of our history, in the media, only white 
people had a voice. The only depictions of color are usually 
racist illustrations that portray them as villains and monsters.
That is how I was led to create this piece. Remembering the 
gorgeous black woman who had inspired me to reflect.” - David Krovblit
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