Yaw Tony - Dwennimmen - Humility and Strength II

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Proverb: ‘Dwenini ahoɔden ne n’aben; wopan n’aben a na woayi no, awie no.’
The strength of the ram lies in its horns, once they are plucked off, then it is caught in a trap. Dwenini refers to a ‘ram’ and it signifies humility. Aben also refers to Horns it also signifies strength. Therefore ram’s horn means humility and strength (Rattray: 267). The symbol stresses humility in every aspect of life, to learn and acquire knowledge. It discourages people from being arrogant but rather humble in order to accomplish all their endeavors. This is a symbol of humility and strength.
Extract from Cultural Symbolism in Asante Traditional Textiles
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