Yaw Tony - KTÍSIS

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Principle of creation
“God decides why He want something,
He decides what He wants,
He decides what he wants it made out of (material),
He speaks to the material,
Whatever He said to the material comes out of the material,
Whatever comes out of the material has the same consistency or components or the essence of what it come from
Whatever God says that came out of the material has to stay in related, attached or feed on/to the material in order for it to live,
However God created something to function, if you don’t put it back just as how God purposed it, it doesn’t work, succeed, prospers, bear fruit, fulfil, does not arrive at destination,
Therefore, righteousness in God is when the created thing is in the place and functioning in which God originally, purposed and intended it to be. (Everything in life was first created by God (Elohim)).”
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