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Mako translates as “peppers.” It is a symbol of inequity and uneven development. Mako is a shortened variant of the Akan adage “Mako nyinaa mpatu mmere,” which means “All peppers being on the same branch, do not ripen simultaneously.”

This proverb admonishes the greater ones to help the less fortunate with the implicit understanding that fortunes could reverse so that they would also need someone’s help. As the Akans say, “Mmerɛ dane,” literally, “Time changes” so any advantage one may have now may not persist forever.

“Mako nyinaa mpatu mmere” could also be an exhortation to those behind to strive for advancement and not resign to fate. That someone has attained greatness shows that it is attainable. Yes, some may shoot ahead first but eventually others can catch up—eventually all the peppers will ripen.

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